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Illustrations & Fan Art

The Neverglades series is illustrated by the talented Chris Bodily, creator of the graphic novel Black Lantern. You can check out his work on Instagram or his personal website,

Art by cavavos4_

The print release of Fleshy Sensoria and Other Stories features contest-winning fan art by Neverglades readers! Be sure to check out more of their art at the links above and show them some support.

The current featured fan artist is cavavos4_! Check out their Instagram for more Neverglades content and original character concept art, among other things!

If you're an artist yourself and would like to have your Neverglades fan art featured on this page, contact me with some samples of your work!

cava - void inspector phone case.png
v1 cover t shirt.png
Cierra - Neverglades logo pin.png

Love the art you see? Want to wear it on a t-shirt, slap it on your phone case, get a sticker for your laptop, or more? Check out my Redbubble page to pick up your very own Neverglades merch!

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