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DAVID FARROW isn't just the author of the Neverglades - he's also an MFA-educated instructor of creative writing. Through classes and independent consulting, David has worked with many aspiring writers to hone elements of craft and refine drafts of their fiction pieces. His students have gone on to complete full manuscripts and have their works narrated for audiences of potential millions.

David is currently OPEN to taking on new clients. If you're interested in consultation, please contact him with more details.


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David will schedule virtual classes (either one-on-one or with a small group) to teach elements of creative writing craft, such as character, setting, plot, conflict, voice, perspective, endings, and more. Classes run for about 1.5 hours and include a mix of lecture, writing exercises, and open discussion. Students will be asked to complete readings (1-2 stories) and brief exercises before each class. The course culminates in a final workshop, where student(s) have the opportunity to get in-depth feedback from David (and their peers, if applicable) and discuss next steps for their work.

What makes David's course different from other creative writing classes? This course is fully customizable. Clients can work with David to set up their own class schedule, focusing on the specific craft elements they want to study. Readings will be selected based on the student's areas of interest (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, literary fiction, etc.) so they can see how craft is used in their preferred genres. Additional workshop sessions may be added as well. The course can be as long or as short as you'd like to make it.

COST: $75 per class session. If cost is an issue, but you're still interested in the course, please contact David anyway to discuss budgetary options.


David will work one-on-one with clients to provide detailed feedback on their work of fiction. The manuscript may be a short story or a novel, in any genre, and it may be finished or in-progress. David will comment on your work through mark-ups on your draft, as well as a summary letter and post-consultation discussion on Zoom or Discord (if preferred). The process may look different depending on the length of your project, as clients may opt for check-ins after each chapter or one long response letter to the manuscript as a whole. If you have questions about logistics, please feel free to reach out to David.

COST: $75 per hour of reading/discussion time. (Estimated reading time: 1 hour per 4,000 words.) If cost is an issue, but you're still interested in manuscript consultation, please contact David anyway to discuss budgetary options.


“David's classes have taught me so much more than just how to write a story better. They've taught me how to bring them to life. My characters now feel three-dimensional, with lives of their own that can seemingly continue well after the story is over.”

  • Paul S.

“I took the Craft Discussions and Story Workshop class with David Farrow, and it was hands down one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a teacher. The syllabus was well put together and the readings were not only well thought out and genuinely interesting, but very helpful in picking out how to use the subject matter of the class in my own work.

The meetings and pre-class exercises were engaging and fun, giving me something to look forward to while also helping me grow as a writer. His schedule was flexible, and it was very easy to work around my job and other obligations I had. The workshops were incredibly useful, and I always received worthwhile feedback on my pieces.

I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone who wants to become a better writer and have a wonderful experience doing so.”

  • Sara G.

“The writing and instruction given in this class has produced incredible and very noticeable results for me in such a short amount of time. I’ve never been more confident in the work I’ve produced! So incredibly worth it!”

  • Clarice A.

Have any questions about consulting, or want to get started? Send David an email. He's happy to discuss the process, and looks forward to hearing from you!

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