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The Neverglades: Multiverse Chronicles is coming 2023!


This collection explores all sorts of stories from across the ever-expanding Farrowverse, imagining how the Neverglades might have gone differently in other dimensions. 

The book will include 6 brand new universe-crossing stories from me, as well as 3 parody stories set in the wacky world of the Everglades. But that’s not all. Because this is a huge crossover event, the Multiverse Chronicles will feature stories from several guest authors! From NoSleep and beyond, these writers will be bringing their own unique flairs to the world of the Neverglades. You can look forward to stories by:

• Clarice Anfield (author of “Welcome to ThetaMart”)
• Sara Paschal (author of “One for the Crows”)
• Paul Stefani (author of “The Redhill Brothers”)
• Hunter Souvannarath (author of “Neverglades: Sunspot”)
• Kel Byron (author of “Accounts from a Lonely Broadcast Station”)
• William Dalphin (author of the “Lily Madwhip” series)
• …and more!

Stay tuned throughout the year for more info about the Multiverse Chronicles!


The Neverglades video game Kickstarter is now live!


I'm excited to share that the Kickstarter page for the video game adaptation of "The Neverglades Mysteries" is now live! We need your support to make this game the best it can be, and you'll get plenty of great perks when you pledge - everything from beta test access to signed copies of the Volume One book to your own character avatar and side quest being included in the game!

We won't get any of the pledge support if we don't make our goal by February 27th, so please offer what you can, and share this widely to spread the word to others who might be able to support the project!

Check out our Kickstarter here.


Radio Silence.png
Announcing a new Neverglades spin-off series!


I'm excited to be launching a brand new spin-off series to the Neverglades franchise! Each novella will be subtitled "A Neverglades Story" and give a spotlight to characters and places we haven't explored in the series proper.

The first book in this new series is titled RADIO SILENCE, and it will focus on FBI agent Norman Clancy, who we last saw in Volume Three. Clancy has dealt with his fair share of strange cases before, but nothing quite like this. A cosmic entity that threatens the very stability of the universe is roaming the heartlands of America, leaving anomalies in its wake and throwing the agency into chaos. With management in shambles and reality on the line, Clancy has to put together a ragtag team of agents to stave off the apocalypse. But can a group this dysfunctional actually save anyone? And what's up with that cryptic voice on the radio narrating their every move?

As a special gift from me to you, the first chapter of RADIO SILENCE is now available to read for my supporters on Ko-Fi! The exclusive chapter is available to ALL supporters, both one-time and monthly, and you can find it on my page here. I hope you enjoy this sneak preview of Clancy's harrowing adventure!


A Neverglades video game is now in development!


Yes, you read that correctly. A video game adaptation of the Neverglades is currently in development by the wonderful folks at Half Byte Games! For the first time ever, you can explore Pacific Glade in glorious 3D. Play as Mark Hannigan and relive the classic stories from Volume One – with some exciting new additions. This is a truly immersive experience that fans of the series will NOT want to miss.

The game is estimated to release in 2023, and will be available for PC. Be sure to follow Half Byte Games on Facebook or Twitter for plenty of updates on the game as it develops! And if you’d like to contribute to funding, to help make this game the best it can be (and to get some cool perks), click the link here to be notified when our Kickstarter goes live. Or you can become a patron for the project right now on Patreon, with plenty of perks for those who donate!

Are you ready to experience the Neverglades like never before?


Audiobooks from MrCreepyPasta are coming in 2022!


That's right! You asked for them, and now they're on their way. The Neverglades series is officially being narrated for Audible by the legendary MrCreepyPasta! He will be narrating all three volumes in the main trilogy, as well as "Fleshy Sensoria and Other Stories." You should expect the audiobook release for Volume One in early 2022, with the rest to follow throughout the year.


Announcing - The Neverglades: Multiverse Chronicles!


Just when you thought the story was over…

I’m thrilled to reveal that a new spin-off collection will be joining the Neverglades canon. This upcoming project dives into the ever-expanding Neverglades multiverse to explore alternate universes, where the timeline took remarkably different turns. What if Ruth was the detective in the family? What if the Inspector was a celebrity? What if Valentina and Mark formed an alliance? What if the Semblance ran for President – and won? These are just a few of the AUs you’ll get to explore in the Multiverse Chronicles.

The book will also include the winning stories from this year’s Neverglades Multiverse contest, as well stories by guest authors to the series! PLUS, for the first time, the Everglades Mysteries parody stories will be available in book form, with an exclusive new story only available in this collection!

“The Neverglades: Multiverse Chronicles” will be released in eBook form in 2022, with a print version potentially to follow. I can’t wait for you to join me on this cross-dimensional journey!

(Many thanks as well to PinkEnigma for this incredible cover! You can see more of her work on Instagram.)

More to come...
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