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The Books

Neverglades front_edited.jpg
The Neverglades: Volume One


In these nine interwoven stories, follow homicide detective Mark Hannigan and his otherworldly partner, the Inspector, as they investigate paranormal phenomena in the isolated town of Pacific Glade. Based on the r/NoSleep series of the same name, this fan favorite series is now available for the first time in print and eBook format.

Fleshy Sensoria and Other Stories


The universe of the Neverglades grows bigger than ever in this collection of terrifying short stories, including four brand new tales never before seen on Reddit. Written for the r/NoSleep format, these stories are like found objects: snippets of various lives at their eeriest. With metafictional elements that make the reader a participant in each story, the tales in "Fleshy Sensoria" are real in the sense that only the most immersive dreams can be. You may have a hard time waking up.

NGV2 FrontCover.jpg
The Neverglades: Volume Two


The Neverglades have seen their fair share of supernatural phenomena over the years, but a new threat has arisen in town: the Semblance, a shapeshifting entity with a centuries-old grudge against the Inspector. Plagued by walking nightmares and unable to trust even their own neighbors, the people of Pacific Glade have never faced a more insidious foe...

Volume 3 front cover.jpg
The Neverglades: Volume Three


In this third and final collection, battles are fought, familiar faces return, and the story of the Neverglades comes to its epic and emotional conclusion. Featuring ten brand new stories exclusive to this volume as well as new illustrations by Chris Bodily.

Multiverse Chronicles FINAL cover.jpg
The Neverglades: Multiverse Chronicles


In this collection, eight talented authors take you on a journey through the Neverglades multiverse. From superheroes to gunslingers, from space goddesses to shapeshifting politicians, from Hollywood backdrops to apocalyptic wastelands, these stories will show you sides of the Neverglades you’ve never experienced before – and never could have imagined.

Featuring stories by David Farrow, William Dalphin, Zane Ness, Sara J. Paschal, Kel Byron, Paul Stefani, Hunter Souvannarath, and Clarice Anfield.

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